Osu! Thank You!

In my son’s karate class, when the instructor calls out push-ups or some other unpleasant exercise, the students know better than to grumble. If they grumble, they get more of whatever they were complaining about, be it push-ps, crunches, or what have you.

Instead, the students are taught to reply, “Osu! Thank you!” (“Osu” is a generic sort of athletic greeting that literally means “push” but in this context might be translated “Yes, sir!”)

My wife pointed out that this is a good lesson in our spiritual lives as well. When God in His wisdom gives us trials, difficulties, or suffering, our response shouldn’t be to complain or whine or, worse, to question God. We should respond in gratitude to God, for after all,
God brings great good out of seemingly evil events.

So, in the spirit of my son’s karate class, whenever life brings us disappointment or difficulty, my wife and I grit our teeth and give Our Lord a heartfelt “Osu! Thank you!”

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