A Message for Our Holy Father, Pope Francis

Dear Holy Father,

I didn’t know who it would be or how I would feel, but now I know. I am so grateful to have you as our Pope!

Everything I have heard about you during this short time since the white smoke fills me with hope for the future and passion for Our Lord. Your humility, simplicity, and firmness of virtue already inspire, and I am sure there are more wonderful stories to come.

All we have heard about in the last weeks are the problems you will face, as if you are just another political candidate trying to address all the concerns of a divided electorate. But now the smoke has cleared. You have one and only one problem to face: how to evangelize a world that has turned in on itself.

But seeing the people in Saint Peter’s square, hearing professional journalists break down in tears at your address, reading the jubilation of millions online; these things show the truth, that there is a planet full of people out there who love Christ and who love his Vicar.

God bless you Pope Francis! And thanks be to God. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

One response to “A Message for Our Holy Father, Pope Francis

  1. Dear holy Father. I am so pleased to know that you are my Holy Father. My beloved cousin was Jose Pedro DaSilva who was the bishop of Viseu, Portugal. He died a few years ago. I will be travelling in May to see the library named for him in Viseu. I fear flying but feel safe because i will carry your picture with me, I carry it daily and know that you will be with me on this trip to see the Library. Thank you for allowing me this short message. with Love and Respect always, Bill

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