Our Destiny – The Nativity and the Resurrection

The pillars of our faith, the incarnation and the resurrection. Christ came into being (the incarnation), then that ended with death, and he came into re-being (the resurrection). In doing so, he made the same our destiny. This life here on earth is our being. It is our preparation time for our re-being.

That re-being is not a new being. We don’t become some other kind of being, an angel, for instance. Scripture says that we will be resurrected, body and soul.

This body of mine, with all its faults, with all the scars of a lifetime of sin, this body of mine will travel with me through eternity! This soul of mine, with all of my propensity to sin, my weakness and laziness, this soul of mine is what I will take with me to eternity!

This is why there is purgatory, to cleanse us and perfect us, so that we can be worthy of that eternal walk.

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