You can’t find joy if you’re ignorant of the world, hiding from the troubles and the rot.
You can’t find joy hiding in your home, pretending all is right when it is not.
You can’t show joy when you’re drowning in your sorrows, making misery your spouse or your best friend.
You can’t show joy when doom is all you see, and all you are awaiting is the end.
Joy is not the reckless son, as he feeds ungrateful swine, wishing he could dine upon their waste,
And Joy is not the sullen son, as he watches through the window at his brother, but he will not join the feast.
Joy is the penitent son, in the Father’s strong embrace, with rings and robe and smile upon his face.
Joy is in the now, as we watch the crazy world asunder, and know the Father keeps us in his place.

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