Back Cover Blurb for my Novel: What Do You Think?


The Cathedral at Aachen

I’m deep into the process of having a cover done for my historical fiction novel Aachen, and I need a blurb. I would love to get your feedback!

Here’s the best blurb I’ve come up with so far:

The life of an 8th century peasant is,  as they say, “nasty, brutish, and short”.

Young Stephen of Orlans, though indentured and in poverty, has been raised from childhood to want something different. He longs to be a man of learning and dreams of studying at Charlemagne’s famed Palace School at Aachen.

After returning from a traumatic campaign, Stephen has the chance to attain his dream. But how can he take monastic vows when the sins of war have shattered his faith in God? And how can he leave Orlans when he is falling in love with a beautiful milkmaid with a scandalous reputation?

In the 8th century, scandal and betrayal are concealed by the thinnest of veils, and the path to reaching your dreams may be the most treacherous path of all. In his quest for redemption, Stephen will be forced to make decisions he will likely soon regret.

Decisions he will have to live with forever.

Stay tuned. I’ll be soon posting a poll on the top 5 designs from my book cover contest at!

Thanks for the feedback!

2 responses to “Back Cover Blurb for my Novel: What Do You Think?

  1. Very intriguing. I used to drive by Aachen all the time on my way to Koeln 🙂


      That is such a beautiful location. I would love to visit. Funny that we were commenting on each other’s blogs at exactly the same time!

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